30 Seconds

Hours and hours of work and it comes down to a spin and a toss that take about 30 seconds. Dordt's David Davelaar has charted new territory in the weight throw for the Defenders and along with teammate Ike Van Kempen is headed to the NAIA National Championships in a week and a half. A... Continue Reading →

13 Months Later

13 months. I had to go back and look it up.  13 months ago Levi Jungling committed to attend Dordt College and join the Defender football program. Levi was someone I'd watched for close to four years up to that point.  I still remembered him playing basketball as a baby-faced freshman in high school at... Continue Reading →

A Self Described Hybrid

We’re smack dab in the middle of winter.  Fall seems like a long time ago and spring, well, it hasn’t sprung yet. But the work for those seasons has begun and for some athletes, this is their first go around with no season to prepare for. I remember David Lee working at the Rec Center... Continue Reading →

When You Can’t Come Back

In the midst of this past cross country season there was a story we didn’t talk about much. It involved a senior who probably wasn’t going to be able to finish up the way she hoped. All season long Erika Douma ran with an injured hip.  An injury that prevented her from training anywhere close... Continue Reading →

The Journey-Chad Hanson

Three weeks ago I talked with coach Chad Hanson about the volleyball team’s impending trip to the NAIA National Championship in Sioux City. The conversation centered around his thoughts for the tournament and if he would be willing to take on the assignment of looking back at the ‘regular’ season and preview the national event.... Continue Reading →

Hanging It Up; Joey Lovetere

This time is bittersweet in the world of athletics.  Some seasons end abruptly in post-season play.  Some seasons come to a planned end with no post-season. Careers are finishing.  For those fortunate to play college athletics and make it through to their senior season, it probably marks the last time they are part of an... Continue Reading →


Here we are.  Another Thanksgiving weekend in the rearview mirror.  More often than not the weekend means a day off on Thursday and basketball on Friday and Saturday, either in Sioux Center or on the road. This past weekend we hosted a pair of four-team basketball classics.  It was a pair of busy days.  Finding... Continue Reading →

To My Teams–Nate Wolf

Here we are.  The post-season has begun for the fall teams. Women's and men's soccer is underway with tournament play and volleyball gets going in a few days. The football team has nine days remaining. Dordt College is hosting the cross country championships on Saturday. Two teams under one coach. Different expectations for two very... Continue Reading →

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