To My Teams–Nate Wolf

Here we are.  The post-season has begun for the fall teams. Women's and men's soccer is underway with tournament play and volleyball gets going in a few days. The football team has nine days remaining. Dordt College is hosting the cross country championships on Saturday. Two teams under one coach. Different expectations for two very... Continue Reading →

Home–Natalie Sakuma

What? I remember asking that simple, one-word question. Dordt’s Athletic Director Glenn Bouma had stopped by my office and told me to take Natalie Sakuma off the basketball roster in December 2015. What? She was the leading scorer on a soccer team that fall that I felt was on the cusp of being a real... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Learned–Tony Kallevig

  I wonder if he recognizes himself?  The confident freshman ready to take this jump to college golf. I wonder if he realizes how tough and unforgiving this game can be? Does he have any idea the  work and time that will be necessary to be an all-conference caliber golfer....and then how challenging it can... Continue Reading →

Lessons Learned – New Beginnings

Congratulations!  You've got the job! Now what? This past May Kyle Lindbergh was named women's basketball coach at Dordt College for the 2017-18 season.  He's officially the interim coach until the point Bill Harmsen takes over full time. I've often wondered what it's like to be the head coach of a college program.  There are... Continue Reading →

Bye week reflections – The Narrow Road

Bye weeks have been rare in Dordt football.  In fact, I can’t remember one in mid-season through nine-plus regular seasons, not one. So, this past week offered a rare opportunity to ask coach Penner to write about where the Defenders are this season.  We’re not quite to the midpoint of the season, but with four... Continue Reading →

The Defender Way

The Defender Way. It's a term that has been used a great deal in the Dordt Athletic Department over the past several school years. While the actual term may not be unique, I believe the Dordt College approach to implementing it is.  I thought this would be a great opportunity for our athletic director, Ross... Continue Reading →

Digging for Gold

Well, nothing is forever. About four years ago I made the decision to discontinue the Byker Blog. It had a good run from 2007-2013 but it was time to shelve it. There were a few reasons for that decision. The most prominent was I didn’t feel I was doing justice to the medium. Too much... Continue Reading →

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