Five months. Five months since things got shut off.  Like flipping a light switch into the off position. For the first couple months my efforts were on finishing out the 2019-20 school year.  Interviews with seniors from all over the country, finishing out their academic careers in ways they never imagined. Throwback photos to fill... Continue Reading →


Coaches and athletes share a special and complex relationship. The best coaches see something you may not see in yourself and push you until that something comes out and is evident for everyone to see.  I once heard a coach describe his job as walking alongside athletes at times, walking behind them to push them... Continue Reading →

To My Team

I can’t believe the last two weeks. Terms like ‘social distancing’, ‘quarantine’, ‘shelter in place’ and ‘essential services’ were not a regular part of my vocabulary. Life is made up of big and little moments….we just don’t always know the difference when they are happening. Two weeks ago the Dordt softball team was cruising along,... Continue Reading →

Does It Have To End?

This didn’t go as planned. This blog entry was to appear as the NAIA Men’s National Basketball Championship Tournament was scheduled to begin. The Dordt men would be in the national field along with the women and this would be a great way with one of our ‘home grown’ basketball players to look back at... Continue Reading →

Finding Identity

The timing for this entry is either really good or really bad, depending how you look at it I guess. It’s about injury. It’s about a season lost. It’s about discovery. It’s about something that happens on a seemingly regular basis, not because of anything someone has done, but simply because injury and illness happen.... Continue Reading →


Expect the unexpected. Is there any other phrase which better sums up college/university life? Students come in with an expectation of how things will go, not only from an athletic standpoint, but in academics and social life there are expectations based on previous, sometimes very limited experiences. And then reality hits. Things don’t go as... Continue Reading →

Lifted Up

Over the course of a school year I sort through tens of thousands of photos taken by the student assistants in the sports information office.  Every once and a while one catches my eye and I file it away. The photo attached to this piece is one of those. It was in the week after... Continue Reading →


The curtain has come down on another cross country season and for the Dordt women’s team a trip to the NAIA National Championship marked the conclusion of the year with a 23rd place finish. As with most seasons there were several twists and turns along the way.  One important aspect that many don’t take into... Continue Reading →

The Coach

This past season marked the end of an era with the soccer program at Dordt. Current women’s soccer coach Bill Elgersma announced this would be his last on the sideline. For 12 seasons Bill roamed the sidelines guiding the women’s program and he was with the men’s program for nine years by my count.  Add... Continue Reading →

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