I missed my deadline.

By the end of the day on July 9 I fully intended to have this entry completed.

David Temte’s memorial service was held in Bloomington, Minnesota on Tuesday of this week and I really wanted to post something to recognize him and the life he lived.   David and his twin brother Benjamin passed away in a car accident a little over two weeks ago on a highway in Montana.

Every time I opened this document I would simply stare at the screen not knowing where to go with my thoughts.

It’s been two weeks of processing and attempting to understand the loss of a pair of young men whose stars seemed to be burning their brightest.

I’ll be clear right up front, I didn’t know David well and Benjamin wasn’t a student here, so, I didn’t know him other than what I’ve learned over the last two weeks.  David was just getting to that point in his time at Dordt where students are accustomed to seeing me in the halls, at practices and games and are comfortable enough to say hello.  A second-year student he just completed his third semester at Dordt. 

It was just five and half weeks ago we celebrated a 4×800 relay national championship.

My family and I were traveling across Iowa on Friday, May 28 and we watched the 4×800 results from  Gulf Shores come in.  I remember distinctly saying over my shoulder to those in the back of the van, “If Temte runs well we’ve got a shot.”

1:52.64 flashed up on my screen for David’s split…. “ok, David showed up.  We’ve got a shot.”

He handed off to one of his best friends,  Anthony Ghiorso,  who  clipped off a 1:51.76 which completed the comeback from sixth to first with Matthew Van Eps carrying it home from there.

And a little over five weeks later we’re talking about a memorial service of a young man who was a talented runner but also was a friend to many and all.

And he lived life to the fullest.

And he always had a gleam in his eye. 

The wheels in his head always seemed to be turning and he seemed to be up to something—ask cross country coach Nate Wolf about the suit of armor that would show up repeatedly on his desk if he was careless enough to leave his door unlocked.

His last days were spent with his twin and best friend, taking a road trip to see different friends and landmarks along the way through the western United States.  What turned out to be some of his final texts and messages to friends were proclamations of his love for them.

As I’ve thought and pondered over the last 15 days I keep coming back to the verse from Romans 8 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

This verse doesn’t give the how or the why, but it does tell us that all things work together and God gives us his promise that if we love him all things will work together for good.

And that’s the promise I cling to on a day in mid-July where I remember a pair of young men who, in my mind, left this world far too early.

The sun is shining. 

Let’s enjoy today.



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