12 Hours

The calendar flipped last week. The end of a football season is looming.  We celebrated Senior Day a little over a week ago and I had the privilege of watching seniors and their families walk across the field and were acknowledged by those in attendance. Do you ever stop and think about what those individuals... Continue Reading →

I Love This Team

Honestly, I don’t know where some of these entries will lead when I pose the question to the subject, “Are you interested in writing an entry for Behind the Shield?  I have this idea…” Most times our student-athletes are willing and trusting enough to let me help share their story. Josiah Kotte arrived on campus... Continue Reading →

Going Home

Earlier this semester, September 7 and 8, the volleyball team took a trip across Iowa to play a pair of matches. One match was played against Grand View, a team Dordt has played a home-home series with the past several season, the other, a few miles down I-80, was against St. Ambrose in Davenport. Davenport? ... Continue Reading →


How did you spend your summer? It’s a common question on campus when people see each other for the first time in a while. For the men’s basketball team it was the continuation of a transition set in motion last January and still continues now that school has begun. The transition included a rare trip... Continue Reading →


Off to Nationals. The Dordt track and field team sent its representatives to the NAIA National Track and Field Championships earlier this week. Through the course of the year its easy to get focused in solely on the numbers.  What was the time run? Was it a PR (personal record)? What did they clear?  What... Continue Reading →


“I’m not really sure we knew you would be an all-conference player,” I said. “I’m not sure I knew I was either,” he said. .169 That was the batting average Colton Van Otterloo had as a college freshman for the Defender baseball team. Now, Colton’s not the first person to struggle when they hit the... Continue Reading →

Don’t Take It For Granted

Through the course of this last year I’ve given student-athletes assignments to reflect on specific times in their careers.  I’ve asked them to take a look back to determine how they’ve arrived at this point in their career.  Many times certain lines in the essays resonate with me.   Josh Van Eps took the challenge of... Continue Reading →

Seeing The Path

It’s just a Monday like any other Monday. The beginning of a new week. For a few young men on campus it’s a different type of Monday.  For the first time in a long time they are no longer gearing up for next year.  There’s no specific season to prepare for. There’s no coach putting... Continue Reading →

Not The Full Truth

Two weeks ago she sat across the desk from me. “Are you willing to write an essay about why you came to a school in Iowa and what the last four years have been like,” I asked. No thought given, she simply replied, “I’d like that.” I’ve watched her play softball for four years.  Her... Continue Reading →

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